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Family of Coliseum

We call ourselves Coliseum Team, because each one of us has the same vision and goal to provide the best services to you. Our trainers come from different background and states of Malaysia, but we work closely like a family and friends. Our smiles and laughter will tell you that our gym is all about good vibes and motivations.

Our Master Trainer, Vincent Ng, is a Professional Personal Trainer with over 10 Years of experiences. Under Vincent’s guidance, each of our trainers are continuously equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in the fitness world. With deep understanding of Muscle Building, Fat Loss/ Body Transformation, Nutrition and Meal Plans knowledge, Vincent and our trainers are passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle to you, the one which you will hold onto for many years ahead in your health journey.

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Don't hesitate to reach out! Our friendly team is here to answer all your questions and provide the guidance you need.


    About Yvette

    Expertise in fat loss, HIIT, and functional training, I bring a dynamic approach to achieving holistic wellness.

    As a certified Personal Trainer accredited by NSCS, a strong communicator, fostering meaningful connections with each client, and delivering results.

    With 4 years of experience exclusively focusing on female training.

    About Yi Jun


    4 years experience

    Expert in hypertrophy training

    Participated in Bodybuilding Competition ; • WFF TOP 4 and Men of Steel Top 6

    About Vincent

    Professional and Certified Trainer with more than 13 years of experience

    Equipped with the latest knowledge and skills in fitness

    Deep understanding in muscle building, fatloss/body transformation, nutrition, meal plan knowledege

    Passionate about promoting a healthy lifestyle

    About Chi Leong

    Certified personal trainer

    Muscle building

    Fat loss

    Functional Training

    Diet plan

    Over 3 years of experience on exercise coaching

    Good at offering emotional support and empathy to help clients overcome challenges and obstacles

    Good communicator with the ability to provide clear and detailed instructions and explanations based on client's concerns.

    Able to adapt training plans to suit individual needs, considering factors like fitness level, injuries, limitations, and preferences.

    Help clients set realistic and attainable goals, and then work closely with them to achieve it.

    About Jason

    Experienced in Sport Coaching for more than 2 years

    Highly educated with knowledge regarding Sport Injury Prevention and Strength and Conditioning

    Specializes in Skill related components such as Vertical Jump, Speed, Agility, Reaction time, Coordination and Balancing.

    A great passion for the love of Sport and unselfishness to provide knowledge of muscle building and different varieties of training programme for Clients to enjoy their fitness journey with effective results.

    Able to assess Client's fitness issue/injury and build up muscle strength using Sport Biomechanics.

    Skilled in applying FITT principle to create training programme according to Clients fitness goals.

    Passionate in conducting Group Classes such as Aerobic and HIIT fat burning sessions.

    Active in Sports such as Basketball, Badminton, Swimathon, Aquathlon and have the knowledge to train for it using Sport Science.

    About Victor

    Hello, Victor here. Personal Trainer from Coliseum Fitness. I am a certified personal trainer, from ACE and FITM since 2013.Driven Personal Trainer, with 10 years in the fitness industry. Highly skilled in helping client building physical strength, mobility, endurance, core, and flexibility. Specialised in strength training, functional training, and Sport and Conditioning. Beside that, I am also active in powerlifting. It is my favourite sport. If you interested in this sport, please look for me in Coliseum Fitness.
    My objective working here is to help you to achieve your fitness goal and improve your fitness level, so that you have better and quality fitness journey towards your lifestyle. Hope to see you soon.

    About Antony

    Hi, my name is Anthony from coliseum fitness. I have been in this industry for 4 years. I’m also a amateur bodybuilding competitor. My strength is more to body transformation, I want to make sure all of my client can reach their fitness goal in a short period of time and do it in a right way.I’m also very well known about nutrition and I will help you to design your own diet plan to fits your lifestyle. I’m a also talkative person, so that u can threat me as your best friend. Hope I can meet you guys soon in coliseum fitness. I can’t wait to transform you guys!

    Extensive experience of nearly 4 years in dedicated training and coaching.

    Solid anatomy strength training.

    Experienced in hypertrophy training to reshape client body, for example muscle imbalance problem and posture problem.

    Specialize in correcting posture and human anatomy.

    Experience in nutrition knowledge to guild his client to have a balance diet and get a healthy body.

    A very good motivator.

    About Shirley

    Has 4 years of fitness experience and half a year of teaching experience

    Good at interpersonal relationship

    Specializes in hypertrophy and strength training

    About Jun Yi

    ACE certified personal trainer

    5 years experience

    Muscle building

    Body Recomposition

    Fat loss

    Functional Training

    Three years experience

    ACE certified personal trainer

    Specialize in fat lost and muscle building

    Assisting clients achieve results yet sacrificing lifestyle

    Maintained personal training records and updated progress for each client served

    About Faisal

    ISSA Nutritionist

    Active fitness coach since 2015

    HIIT expert - Specializes in nutrition for weight loss, and muscle building (men & woman)

    Highly skilled in providing endurance training, tabata, and HIIT

    About James Yau

    Expertise - strength and conditioning, muscle toning, muscle hyperthrophy, sports related component training, fat loss management, nutrition management.

    Certification - Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science

    Years of experience in coaching - 5 years

    About Arthur Yap

    Expertise - fat loss management, muscle hypertrophy, muscle toning, nutrition, strength training, HIIT/ LISS (Low-Intensity Steady State)

    Certification ~ foundation sport science & cpr

    Experience coaching 2 years

    About Jasper Chan

    Expertise - muscle toning, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss management

    Certification - NASM

    Years of experience in coaching - 3 years

    About Jean Fong

    Expertise - strength and conditioning, muscle mass gain, fat loss, posture correction, nutrition and dietary

    Certification - National Strength & Conditioning CPT

    Years of experience in coaching - 1 year

    About Hui Teng

    Expertise - strength and conditioning, muscle toning, muscle hyperthrophy, fat loss management, nutrition management.

    4 years experience in fitness

    Participated in bikini bodybuilding competitions

    About George Lim

    Expertise - strength and conditioning, athletic training, functional movement training, sports specific training, muscle hypertrophy, fat loss.

    Certification - Bachelor Degree in Sports and Exercise Science

    Years of experience in coaching - 2 years